Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa Bracelets

In Tibetan Buddhist, Shamballa is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia that is believed to symbolize enlightenment, peace and perfection.


Shamballa Bracelets have been around for many years and have a history for uses in meditation and spiritual reasons. Today they are mostly worn as a fashion statement, but there are still many who understand their meanings and wear them with a purpose.


These Shamballa Bracelets are made with black nylon cord, Black Stone or Lava Stone, and a centered Shamballa Bead also known as a "disco ball" bead. Each colored bead is associated with a specific feeling of well being.


BLACK - Strength, Authority, Power

WHITE/DIAMOND/SILVER - Perfection, Clarity, Purity

RED - Passion, Love, Sexuality

ORANGE - Creativity, Release of Stress

YELLOW/GOLD - Purpose, Willpower, Self-Confidence

GREEN - Balance, Harmony

BLUE - Trust

VIOLET - Bliss, Spirituality


Each bracelet is tied off with a Cobra Knot and can be adjusted from 6.5 to 9.5 inches (S/M) or 7.5 to 10.5 inches (L).


    • Make sure hands are clean before putting on or taking off bracelets.
    • Avoid contact with agents such as perfume, lotion, makeup, hair & cleaning products.
    • When not in use, keep bracelets stored safely.
    • Water is okay for thread-only bracelets but not okay for bracelets containing beads, stones or plated charms. Water may tarnish or change the color of such items.

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